La Ghena Lamech

I was being chased in the woods. I ran as fast as I could. I looked behind me, he was still there. He seemed to be walking slowly in his black robe, the hood covering his face. I couldn’t hide behind any trees, they were too thin. I couldn’t hide. I looked forward and I saw someone standing there in a robe with their face covered. I thought it was him at first, but that was impossible. They removed their hood. It was a young woman. She was pretty and had something like a gemstone attached to the middle of her forehead. She smiled as if to greet me, and walked forward.

I wake up and there are a few people surrounding me. My hands are reaching out to either side, and I’m attached to this circular wooden board, my hands cuffed. I’m naked. She’s holding up a baby in the air and walks towards me. While saying some words she slices the babies stomach open, the baby makes a shrill of a cry and my eyes go wide in fear at this. She walks back, places the crying baby on the table and chops its head off. Silence. I can’t even scream or speak I’m so frightened. They drain the babies blood into a large bowl and bring it over. They force me to drink it. I throw up and they seem annoyed by this, They force more blood down my throat and this time I don’t throw any back up. They smear the remaining blood over my body in weird symbols, over my forehead and chest.

Someone in a black robe walks up to me. I can’t see his face but I know it’s a man. He pulls out a crystal on a string and starts waving it back and forth, and back and forth. I start to get dizzy, my vision goes in and out. “Forget. Forget.” That’s the last thing I hear.

I wake up in my bedroom in a sweat. I do not remember the previous events. I just think that I had a bad nightmare. I lay back down and soon fall asleep.

I wake up and everything is normal. It’s just like every other day. I have a cup of coffee and my brother stops by in the morning to visit. We talk and then I leave for work.

Somethings happening. I wake up and I feel afraid. I look to my right and I see a figure, it has horns. I scream and look back over and it’s gone. I slowly lay back down in bed. All of a sudden my body starts twisting violently in odd places, I feel like I’m being attacked. I have no control over my body. It wakes up. Not me.

I’m in the bathroom smiling while looking at my feet. There are dozens and dozens of tiny cuts on the tips of each toe. I start cutting the tips of my fingers. Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut.

The doorbell rings. It’s my brother. He walks in and immediately asks if I’m alright. “I’m fine.” I smile. Those eyes aren’t mine. “You don’t look good.”, he sits down and I sit down with him. “I don’t look good?” I tilt my head. He looks at me weird. “Are you okay…?” A big grin crosses my face. “Yes.”…..Silence. “Umm.. I’m..gonna go. Get some rest.” I look at him with disgust as he turns to leave. It doesn’t want him here.

I meet up with the cult and they are thrilled to see me. I walk up to the one who brought me here and he looks pleased with himself. I smile, and stab him in the stomach. He looks shocked. I take the blade and lick the blood off, a small smile on my face.

*Knock knock* I open the door. It ‘s my mother. I look like a crazed animal. My eyes are dark, I look sick and my hair is a mess. I haven’t left the house for who know how long. My mother begins to speak, but then she notices the cuts on my finger tips. “Oh my God.” She’s shocked. “God isn’t here.” I laugh like a little school girl. “What is going on with you?” She seems frightened. “What are you looking Bitch!” I say sharply in a deeper voice. She makes a cross with her hands across her body. My father walks in. “Go.” “What?” “Go.” That’s all she could say and she rushes out the door.

They bring a priest over a few days later. We’re in my bedroom and he starts to pray. I’m writhing in pain, there are marks near the corners of my eyes, as if my skin is slowly falling off. He tells them to tie my hands to the bed and they do so. I say something to the priest to try to scare him but he keeps praying. He throws holy water on me as he speaks, but the pain doesn’t seem to bother me much. Suddenly whatever’s in me begins to panic. I’m sweating profusely. It’s almost out. As it leaves my body my heart flatlines. They try to revive me but it’s too late. The light in my eyes goes dim.


Demonic Oppression

Some people might say I’m crazy.  Maybe no one will ever believe me, and maybe if they do believe they’ll say something like, “Well you shouldn’t have done that it opened the doors to allow that thing into your life.” Or maybe i’ll get, “Oh poor you! OMG!” Which would be nice.  At least I’d have someone on my side.

I believe I was oppressed by a demon my entire life up until not to long ago.  Why do I suffer from depression? Why do I have constant anxiety that has tortured me every waking moment of my entire life?  Why wasn’t there a reason why I felt this way?  Why do I keep having bad luck? Why does it seem like if things could go wrong, it does?  Every single God damn time. It doesn’t make sense.  Maybe there is really something wrong with me.  Maybe I do need to take medication. Maybe I need to take it for the rest of my life.  Some of the side effects suck, but I can just deal with it if that means escaping from this hell that is my fucking life.

The day it ended was the day I decided to take mediumship classes. I was taught that I am in control of my life, no one else.  I learned to face myself, my past self and say it’s okay and it’s over now. I never cry, rarely do I, but I started to cry even over the stupidest things.  I realized to survive I had to bury my emotions deep inside and it was killing me.

I’ve had visions of my past lives before but one stood out.  I saw a young woman, blonde hair and dark makeup around her eyes and she was at a club dancing.  I saw her talking to someone, her boyfriend. Then I saw a bunch of people surrounding something in a circle.  I couldn’t see their faces but I noticed they had hoods on.  Then I saw myself, with a crazed look in my eyes standing in front of somebody.  They were lying down and I could only see their stomach.  They were naked.  I saw the blonde girl holding a mallet about to hit the persons stomach with it with force.  I didn’t see her hit them but i know she killed him/her.  Then I saw a shadow figure.  It had large horns and I tried to see its face but I couldn’t see it. All of a sudden I got these words in my head Albino Creek. That was it.  I couldn’t sleep that night.  My question was, was that really me? It felt like me. It felt real.  Was I in a cult? Did I kill people?

A month or two later I finally asked whoever was out there, my angels, the divine, my higher self, to show me it face.  And when I saw it I recognized it.  Before I took my mediumship classes I took up witchcraft.  I found a good book but looking back now I realized it wasn’t a good book. I believe in good witchcraft and bad and I think what I was doing was bad. The references to the Devil (in the book he used the Devil’s nicknames so I didn’t recognize it at first) make it pretty obvious now.  But when I was doing this I read about how to get a familiar who would, in exchange for something they wanted give you power to do magic.  The first thing I met down there was an imp.  At first I thought it was a demon but then it didn’t look like one it kinda looked like a cute version of a demon if anything but like they say, your first instinct is correct.  That’s the face I recognized.  the “imp” was really funny and sarcastic, he had a nice personality, he was helpful. Although what made me stop doing witchcraft was that imp, I believe he was only trying to win me over in the long run.  I remember venturing into a cave there were thousands of crystals imbedded into the walls. I picked one out and asked the imp what it was.  He said Angelite.  I later asked the author what it could mean and he said maybe it was my subconscious trying to tell me something.  I took it as a sign that I should believe in Angels again and so I stopped learning witchcraft.

I believe that I was in a cult and I did some horrible things and I payed that karma in this life.  I don’t think it was an accident that this demon got me, actually, I think that I knew him in my past life.   I believe I conjured him up and he used my boyfriends body as a vessel and I was in love with him. I believed I was in love with this demon  because of a weird dream I had. I’m too tired to tell it right now though. I can talk about this shit all day but I think I’m done for now. Byyyye!





True Story: Arima Martinez Sollano

I was beaten by the side of the road and kidnapped.  I was chained up and the place I was in reeked of death. I heard low crying, moaning and prayers being said.  There was a large man over to my left busy mixing something. He was a bruja.  You hear the stories and that keeps you away, but never did I think or know that I’d be sitting among such evil one day.  He walked over to a man, took out a knife and started cutting out his eyes.  The man screamed.  I was crying uncontrollably.  For a man that is his lowest point, but I wept.  I was AFRAID. Terrified.  I knew I’d never see my little girl again, or my boy or my beautiful lovely wife.

In the middle of the night he takes three of us out in the middle of nowhere.  The car lights illuminate us.  There’s a man to my left and to the right of me. He stabs and slices open the first man’s stomach. He walks over to the other guy and does the same thing, collecting their blood as he does so. He grabs me by the hair and drags me forward.  With the blood he draws symbols all over my body then dumps the rest of the blood over my head..  For a moment everything was eerily calm.  Then I felt something.  My bones were cracking, moving on their own in an odd way. My head shoots up and a black smoke enters my body. That’s when I’m not me anymore. Someone or something else is controlling my body. I could only watch, having no control whatsoever.

I murdered people, but it wasn’t me.  I stabbed a man repeatedly like a crazed animal and rolled around in his blood, over top of the carcass like a savage.  And my eyes.  They weren’t human.  They were animalistic.  I can’t tell you everything that happened after that for the purpose of protecting you from such evil but when it left my body so did I leave mine.

True Story: Elizabeth Age 12

I loved flowers.  I would always go out in the garden and admire them.  Smell their sweetness and feel their soft velvety petals between my fingers.  We lived in a country house out in the middle of no where. One day my cat Fluffytins ran off and I was chasing her outside.  I went into the forest looking for her and calling her name, “Fluffytins! Fluffytins! Fluffy!  I couldn’t find her.  I was worried she’d never come home so I kept looking. The sun was setting so I decided to give up and turn back.

That’s when I felt it. A presence.  I turned around and somebody was standing there.  I couldn’t see their face, it was covered.  I got a bad feeling and I started running.  I heard him coming after me and I screamed.  He caught up to me and pulled me up at the waist.  I was screaming and kicking and he put me down grabbing me by the hair. He showed me a knife and said, “Shhhh” and held a finger to his lips.  I was so scared.  I was shaking.

He led me off into the woods.  I didn’t know where I was going and it grew darker and darker outside.  I saw people ahead.  They were all dressed like he was, a robe and a hood covering their face.  There was a boy there and he was in the middle of the group.  They were all chanting.  The man in front of him suddenly chopped off is head.  I screamed.  I started crying  I was afraid.  I was really afraid.

This women takes my white dress off, my shoes, then my socks and my gloves.  I had pins in my hair and she took those out too.  I kept crying.  He showed me around to everyone.  They all touched me as I passed by.  He led me to the middle where the man who cut off the boys was and left me with him. “Defilement of a child.” he pronounced. He walked up to me and grabbed me by the waist and raped me.  I screamed, crying in pain. “It hurts! it hurts!  He seemed to enjoy it even more.

I was crying, bleeding from down there, curled up on the moist ground.  He tied rope around my legs and arms, behind me.  He said something and before I knew it he had sliced my throat open.  I was choking and I couldn’t breathe.  Then nothing.  They hung me up on a long stick and gutted me, cut off my head and held me over the fire.  They ate my flesh.  Their master ate my eyes.

True Story: Eugene and Cidney

Eugene and Cidney married and had a baby named Johnathan who was 5 years old.  They got into arguments a lot.  They were arguing one night about how he never let’s her go out or leave the house at all or lets her pursue her passions and how he’s controlling and Cidney says she’s leaving him. He hits her.  She storms towards her child who was watching and picks him up and takes him into her bedroom to pack a bag.  She leaves the room headed towards Johnathan’s room but her husband stops her.  “You’re not going anywhere.  You’re not leaving me!” He grabs her arm harshly so she puts Johnathan down.  “What are you going to do?”  He pushes her towards their bedroom, “You’re staying in here” and closes the door behind him.

A few hours later, he’s sitting in the dark, just sitting there when Cidney tries to sneak out of the room. “Where are you going? She’s startled. “Just let me leave.” she pleads. “No.”  She walks towards the bottom of the stairs and starts dialing a number on her cell phone but he hits the phone out of her hands. She races up the stairs to her sons room and grabs him while he’s sleeping meeting Eugene at the top of the stairs.  “You’re not taking our son!” He yanks him out of her arms and puts him back in bed.

She’s crying and scared and he grabs her and she tries to pull away. “You’re my wife!” You will not leave!” She’s struggling “Let me go!” He gets even angrier and hits her with a fist. She falls down the stairs her body flailing around in a jumbled mess. Towards the end of her fall you hear a snapping sound and her head bent, hitting the stairs.  She lays lifeless at the bottom of the stairs.

Everything is silent.  Eugene starts to freak out and calls the cops.  When they arrive he says she tripped down the stairs taking laundry down.  “In the middle of the night?” The police officer says. “She has insomnia.” “Where were you at the time?”  I was in my bedroom sleeping.” “And you heard a noise?” “Yeah it woke me up so I went to go check and I saw her lying there and called 911.” he says while crying.

Eventually Eugene is charged with his wife’s murder.

True Story: Timothy Age 5

I was stuck in a small cage in a dark room.  There was a man, he was older.  He would come in and bang on the cage every once in a while.  I was scared.  I wanted my mommy.  He came up to my home while I was playing outside. I was playing with a blue ball and he grabbed me up and threw me into a van slamming the door quickly.  I started crying.  Where was my mommy? Where am I? I was scared.

When he would let me out of the cage he was dressed like a woman and he pretended it was tea time and served me tea.  I didn’t want to play and he’d get angry.  He’d put me back into the cage.  I would cry. Why couldn’t my mommy come get me?

There was a room he made up like a kids room.  It was small and there was one lamp dimly lit on the tiny table. He let me sleep there. I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open.  One day he came into my room and he said, “You’ve been a bad boy!” in a rough voice.  He suddenly placed a plastic bag over my head and I couldn’t breathe. I was flailing around but I couldn’t breathe. It was painful.  All I could think about was my mommy and daddy.  He buried me.  I don’t know where, in a dark place.

True Story: Tiffany Burbanks

I went to a party with a friend.  I was bored because I didn’t know anyone there so I wandered off by myself.  The party was at night by the river in Massachusetts. I wandered into the woods.  I don’t know how long I’d been walking for, I’d been messing around on my cell phone. I might have been out there for an hour or so, who knows.  I saw lights up ahead so I went over to see what it was.

There were these people in cloaks, red cloaks with hoods.  There was a table and right next to it was a wooden pole and it branched out over the table where there was a rope hanging from the top.  I felt uncomfortable like I wasn’t suppose to be seeing this so I slowly turned around.  As I did the leaves beneath my shoe made a crackling sound.  Someone heard me.

“Hey!” a mans voice yelled. I just ran. I ran as fast as I could. I tripped. I got up and started running again.  I could hear him getting closer and closer, he was catching up to me. I tripped again. He pulled me by my feet dragging me along the ground as I squirmed to get loose. When I turned around to face him all I saw was a large rock coming down on me. He hit me in the head with a rock and I was nearly passed out.  I moaned in pain and confusion as he dragged me off.

I was barely conscience. I saw the people in the red cloaks pass by, all I could see was their feet.  They lifted me up and tied something around my legs and I was suspended in the air. They ripped my clothes off, everything.  I was naked. They all gathered around me.  I couldn’t hear much my head hurt and blood was dripping down my head.

There was someone talking to the people.  I saw someone in the distance holding onto a goat.  I heard the man say “Our Lord has sent us a better sacrifice.”  I was scared. I knew I was going to die there.  I thought about my parents, my boyfriend, how I wished I had never gone to that party.  My friend wanted me to go with her because of a guy she liked who was older than she was.  The man got up onto the table and said, “Bring the bowl.”  It was a very large bowl that looked old made of iron or something.  I started crying.  I had seen the mans face as he came up onto the table.  He looked into my eyes and all I felt was pure evil as I looked back into them.

I saw the blade he held up. Felt the coldness of the blade as he laid it against my lower stomach. He sliced me open from down below to my neck. I was choking on my own blood, and then that was it.

The bowl was filled with my blood.  He went around with the bowl and everyone took their hoods off.  He spilled the blood over each one of their heads and they laughed and smeared it all over their faces.  He was last and he held it up into the air for a moment as if it was an offering.  Then he dumped it over himself while smiling.

They cut my body down and it made a thud on the table.  They treated me like I was an animal.  They burned my body and I was never found.